Quiz: How Much Do You Know About U.S. Education?

Published September 26, 2016

Test your knowledge of the current state of U.S. K-12 and college education with this quick interactive quiz.

Recently more than 75 million combined K-12 and college students returned to classrooms and campuses across the United States.

We've taken key statistics from some of the top educational research organizations and created a brief quiz on the current state of U.S. education.

Click "Start" now to see how much you really know about K-12 and college education in America.

What grade would you get if you were tested on U.S. education today? Here are the information sources and research organizations we referenced to create the questions in this quiz:

  1. National Assessment of Education Progress

  2. U.S. Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics

  3. Program for International Student Assessment

  4. Southern Education Foundation

  5. Education Superhighway

  6. U.S. Department of Education

  7. Education Reform Now

  8. National Student Clearinghouse Research Center

  9. National Center for Education Statistics

  10. The New York Times

  11. U.S. Department of Education

  12. College Board

Despite the fact that nearly all Americans have at least some first-hand experience with the country’s public and private education systems, many don’t have a clear picture of the broader U.S. education landscape. With Election Day 2016 fast approaching and many important education issues being overlooked in the national conversation, we wonder how well Americans would grade their own understanding of this topic.

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