What We Learned About Workforce Readiness in 2016

Published July 20, 2016

Peter Cohen shares insights and findings from the McGraw-Hill 2016 Workforce Readiness Survey

This year we released our third annual Workforce Readiness Survey, which asked over 1,350 college students about their career readiness and perceptions of the college experience. We wanted to learn what today's students are doing to prepare for the transition to the workforce, how they view their early career goals, and how effective they find the collegiate experience to be as preparation for the next step.

As Peter Cohen recently observed in Huffington Post, "Investing in and graduating from college is a pathway to professional success, yet a majority of students say they don’t feel college has been very helpful in job prep." Indeed, just 40 percent of college seniors we surveyed told us they felt college has been "very helpful" as career preparation.

In this video Peter offers insights and observations on the key findings from our 2016 Workforce Readiness Survey.

At McGraw-Hill we believe that creating value in students' learning experience is a responsibility shared by the entire educational community. Close collaboration between schools, teachers, and educational companies can create the best outcomes for students.

Check out the full report of this year's Workforce Readiness Survey for complete data and results.