Jeff Livingston on E-Rate modernization: "Without intervention we will deny ed-tech to those who need it the most"

Published July 17, 2014

By Communications Team

Last week, the Federal Communications Commission approved Tom Wheeler’s proposed E-Rate Modernization Order. This plan secures two billion dollars to support Wi-Fi services, preserves existing subsidies for basic broadband Internet connections, and guarantees two years of funding.

Jeff Livingston, SVP of Education Policy and Strategic Alliances at McGraw-Hill, recently wrote an article in the National Journal about what this proposed plan will mean for the future of education.

In the article, Jeff calls the proposal, “an excellent start.” He goes on to explain that, “Universal broadband is an undeniable prerequisite to accessing all modern ed-tech tools—tools that, incidentally, happen to be of the most crucial importance to precisely the students who do not yet have access to broadband… We live in a nation where well more than one-third of schools are unable to provide their students with the best technology, simply because of network constraints. Shouldn't that be reason enough to overhaul our infrastructure?”

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