Four Important Things Teachers Can Learn From Each Other

Published October 25, 2017

Our School team’s guest bloggers share tips for success in the classroom and advice for professional development.

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It’s no surprise that front-line educators have a wealth of insights to offer about teaching and professional development. Supported by vast social media and Web communities, today’s elementary, middle school, and high school teachers and specialists are more connected and conversational than ever.

Over the past year, our School team has invited a variety of preK-12 teachers, technologists, and leaders to contribute guest blog posts to our Art of Teaching Project on Medium. We want to help elevate and amplify educators’ views and ideas to inspire other teachers to improve their classroom practices and strengthen their skills as educators.

The Art of Teaching covers topics ranging from classroom teaching to perspectives on standards & trends to practical advice for first year educators. We’re thrilled to help make so many unique viewpoints and ideas available to teachers around the globe!

Whether you’re a seasoned administrator or a first-year teacher right out of college, you can learn a lot from the words of your colleagues. Here are just some examples:

  1. How to Foster a Culture of Leadership in Your Learning Community
  2. How to Engage Learners in a Digital Ecosystem
  3. How to Navigate Your First Years as an Educator
  4. How to Empower Every Student for Long-Term Success
    • "To build a foundation of acceptance of all cultures, schools must intentionally create a climate where students and staff feel a strong sense of belonging, feel safe and be confident that their diversity is a source of pride for the school and community." – World Language Teacher and Guest Blogger Michele Hill in A Culturally Responsive World Language Classroom
    • "When we teach our children and students to control their emotions instead of allowing their emotions to control them, we are inadvertently preparing them to take on the challenges that come with being college, career and citizenship ready." – Guest Blogger and K-12 Counselor Karina Vega in A Social Emotional Journey As Told By a Crisis Counselor

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