Honoring Three Innovative Individuals Changing the Future of Education

Published July 19, 2018

Highlights & winners' remarks from the 2018 McGraw Prize award ceremony

2018 McGraw Prize Awards

Each year the McGraw Prize honors three individuals who are breaking new ground in advancing PreK-12 education, higher education, and learning science research. At this year's ASU GSV Innovation Summit, we joined Arizona State University to recognize and celebrate this year's winners. We're humbled by the dedication and achievements of these three McGraw Prize honorees, and how their work is increasing human potential for millions of learners and instructors around the world.

Here are the highlights & winners' acceptance speeches from the 2018 Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Prize in Education
award ceremony.

PreK-12 Education

Reshma Saujani | Girls who Code

"Don't ever let anyone tell you that you can't make a difference – that you can't solve a problem that feels unsolvable in one generation alone. With a little faith, and a lot of vision, we can change the world."

Reshma Saujani Acceptance Speech, 2018 McGraw Prize Winner (Pre-K-12) from EdPlus at ASU on Vimeo.

Higher Education

Timothy Renick | Georgia State University

"What we need to do is create colleges that are better student ready. We need to transform the basic way students interact with the institutions and the basic way we construct institutions."

Timothy Renick Acceptance Speech, 2018 McGraw Prize Winner (Higher Ed) from EdPlus at ASU on Vimeo.

Learning Science Research

Arthur Graesser | University of Memphis

"I'm right at the point in history when there's been revolutionary advances in agent technologies, computational linguistics, models of discourse interaction, artificial intelligence, access to large repositories of knowledge. And there's so much to discover, and this is the first time we could ever do it... It's a great time to be alive in the history of the learning sciences."

Arthur Graesser Acceptance Speech, 2018 McGraw Prize Winner (Learning Science Research) from EdPlus at ASU on Vimeo.

Listen to all of this year's winners talk more about their work and what drives their passion for education in this podcast interview by EdTechTimes.

To learn more about the annual McGraw Prize selection process, nomination guidelines, and past winners, visit www.mcgrawprize.com/.