Five Ways to Help the Ed-Tech Community Thrive

Published May 24, 2016

As the world of ed-tech evolves, we’re doing our part to support its growth.

When used with purpose and precision, technology has the power to invigorate instruction and dramatically improve learning outcomes. At McGraw-Hill, we believe that educational technology reaching its full potential requires cooperation among all members of the education and technology communities, from developers to the individual end-users in classrooms.

Our company leaders are outspoken advocates for standards and collaboration throughout the ed-tech industry. Here’s a look at five things educational and tech organizations can do to spur continued growth and innovation in today’s dynamic digital learning environment.

  1. Sharpen the focus on personalized, adaptive learning solutions. | "McGraw-Hill CDO Stephen Laster is Changing Education for the Better" in Hot Topics

    Stephen Laste Quote for Hot Topics
  2. Encourage participation in the conversation about reshaping the future of education. | "The Problem with High School Nostalgia" in U.S. News and Opinion

    Peter Cohen Quote for U.S. News and Opinion
  3. Challenge all members of the digital learning community to strive for standards in access and interoperability. | "The Future of Education Isn't Free. It's Open." in EdSurge

    Stephen Laster Quote for EdSurge
  4. Support and mentor ed-tech startups to accelerate innovation throughout the industry. | "LearnLaunch, McGraw-Hill Team Up to School Edtech Startups" in The Boston Globe

    Stephen Laster Quote for The Boston Globe
  5. Shift organizational culture for success and openness in the digital age. | “Leading a Digital Transformation” in Chief Executive Magazine

    David Levin Quote for CEO Magazine

Today’s complex digital learning landscape is more interconnected and interdependent than ever. We’re proud to play a part in fueling innovation and collaboration throughout the ed-tech community.