Five Lessons About Today’s College Students That We Can Apply in 2017

Published January 24, 2017

Our annual student surveys reveal opportunities for improvement in higher education.

As a learning science company, the work we do to empower educators and students requires a deep understanding of the habits and preferences of both. Understanding both sides of the teaching and learning equation is critical to our mission.

One of the ways we develop that understanding is by conducting annual surveys to gather the thoughts and opinions of today’s learners. Each year we conduct a Workforce Readiness Survey and Digital Study Trends Survey of college students to gauge their perspectives on various aspects of the current higher education system. Last year, we uncovered many valuable insights that should be the central focus for improving student outcomes in 2017.

Here’s a look at what we learned:

  1. College students tend to agree that managing costs, maintaining life balance and achieving good grades are the toughest challenges they face.

  2. Only ¼ of students believe their college studies set them on well-defined career paths.

  3. A majority of students find technology helpful for various different educational purposes.

  4. Students who use technology for classes notice a positive impact on time management, grades and overall education quality.

  5. Beyond the classroom, students feel that using and understanding technology helps improve their appeal to employers.

By asking students to identify their biggest educational challenges and which tools or experiences they find most helpful for overcoming those challenges, we are able to refine our educational technologies and support systems.

The development of purposeful and practical ed-tech can help alleviate some of the biggest stress points affecting today’s learners and educational institutions. To learn more about our work in learning science, you can check out our efficacy studies and academic research or follow the news we’re making in our archive.

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