Are You as Good at Math as a Ninth-Grader?

Published January 30, 2018

A sampling of questions based common standards for ninth grade mathematics proficiency.

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Every year, millions of U.S. students take proficiency tests to assess their skills in reading, writing, and mathematics. Indicators like the NAEP and PISA assessments have consistently showed U.S. math achievement and global rankings below that of many other industrialized countries. As a result, many schools, states, and even the federal government have an increased emphasis on improving the mathematics achievement of U.S. students for the last decade or more. Students in many states are also required to earn passing scores in proficiency tests in order to graduate from high school.

We’ve created a sampling of the types of questions that might appear on ninth-grade mathematics proficiency tests throughout the U.S. If you had to take test like this today, could you pass?

Mathematics is a foundational skill needed for success in today’s increasingly STEM-oriented economy. Even at the entry level, many of today’s fastest-growing and highest-paying jobs require proficiency with high school mathematics.

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