2014: A Year of Ed-Tech Leadership from McGraw-Hill

Published December 31, 2014

By Communications Team


Our leadership team had a big voice in 2014's ed-tech conversation

In 2014 there were two central themes to preK-20 technology at McGraw-Hill Education: creating the most effective individual and institutional solutions possible, and helping ensure access for the learners who need it the most.

Throughout the year we've been busy advocating to improve school access to ed-tech, learning from and promoting successful models worldwide, and re-imagining the use of data to create our industry-leading personalized and adaptive learning solutions.

Sharing a passion for education and technology is part McGraw-Hill's DNA. You can find it in the words and writing of our executive leadership team in some of the top news and information sources in the country. Here are just a few of those moments from 2014: