11 Ways to Maximize Your Career in 2018 – Advice from the Experts

Published January 4, 2018

Take charge of your professional future with these tips from our monthly #MHECareers chats.

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We’re focused on having a company culture where all employees can achieve their full potential and job satisfaction. Our recent Future Workforce Survey showed that the expectations of new workforce members are evolving, and the most attractive potential employers have to meet employees’ desire for flexibility and social good as well as material needs like salary and benefits.

By better understanding today’s job candidates and following best practices in hiring and human resources, companies like McGraw-Hill can provide an enriching work atmosphere and fulfilling experience for all employees. To help achieve this, the Culture & Talent team hosts monthly live Q&A chats on Twitter called #MHECareers with panels of some of the leading voices in career development, human resources, and professional learning.

Whether you’re a new job hunter or established professional, here are 11 useful tips on maximizing your career in 2018 and beyond from a year’s worth of lively #MHECareers chats.

  1. Be present at work, and take responsibility for your career’s future.
  2. Embrace an authentic company culture of diversity and inclusion.
  3. Retool your resume for your dream company or career.
  4. New graduates: Take the time to make sure your first job is the right one for you.
  5. Make the most of the opportunity to be a professional mentor or mentee.
  6. Don’t ignore the benefits of professional networking and throughout the year.
  7. When changing jobs, look for the best fit – not just the next fit.
  8. Seek out a variety of options for regular professional learning and development.
  9. Empower and support women in technology careers.
  10. Get involved in charity and volunteer opportunities during the giving season.
  11. Take time to review and reset your career goals annually.

Make sure to follow our Culture & Talent team at @mhecareers, and check out highlights from this year’s chats below! Expand your own professional network and stay up to date with career advice by following any of our 2017 guest panelists.

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