2015 App Roundup: Top Education Apps for K-12 through College

Published December 22, 2015

By Communications Team

The recent rise of mobile learning has created a huge demand for apps to help extend learning beyond the classroom desk. At McGraw-Hill our apps range in scope and complexity from simple educational games to comprehensive digital learning environments with tools and analytics supporting both instructors and students.

In 2015 alone over 8 million apps and eBooks were downloaded from our stores on iTunes and Google Play. Updates we issued throughout the year to keep the content and technology in our apps current were downloaded over 250,000 times.

Right now until the end of 2015 some of our School Group’s most popular apps for K-12 math and literacy are free & 50% off! Download yours today to help students’ skills stay sharp during the holidays as they put their new tech toys to good use!

From basic skill practice games to robust adaptive learning platforms, below are our top-3 most popular education apps for 2015 for K-12 school and higher education.

PreK-12 School Education: Visit on iTunes | Google Play

Higher Education: Visit on iTunes | Google Play