Making the Most Out of Your Internship

Published February 5, 2018

Join the @MHECareers team for a live Twitter chat giving advice on finding the right internship for you and using it to help land a fulltime job.

Making the Most Out of Your Internship

McGraw-Hill Careers team regularly hosts #MHECareers Twitter chats to explore topics relevant to jobseekers, workforce professionals and employers. These Q&A style chats feature panels of career experts, human resource professionals, and professional networking experts to answer questions and provide invaluable information.

On February 7th from 12-1pm EST, the #MHECareers chat will offer advice on preparing for internships, excelling in the experience, and next steps after your internship. This month’s group of panelists includes @InternQueen, a career expert, @kristinharpster, Sales Specialist at McGraw-Hill, @jensbodal, @sophia_m_allen and @abrol_neha, Software Engineers at McGraw-Hill.

The discussion will be guided by these questions:

  • Why is internship experience crucial to career development?
  • How can you prepare for your first internship?
  • Should you take an un-paid internship?
  • What are the warning signs of an ineffective intern experience?
  • How important is your social media presence while internship hunting?
  • How can an intern make an impression on the job?
  • What resources are available to help professionals find internships in their field?
  • How can you stay in-touch with colleagues after internship is complete?
  • How can you turn your internship into a fulltime position?

If you’re interested in unlocking the full potential of your career as part of our mission to help all learners succeed, take a look at our career opportunities today!

Here are some past Twitter chat highlights with tips for internships: