Live Chat August 23 | Expanding Workforce Education

Published August 21, 2017

Join the @MHECareers team for a live Twitter chat about creating professional learning opportunities in the workplace.

#MHECareers August 2017: Expanding Workforce Education

Every month the McGraw-Hill Culture and Talent team hosts #MHECareers chats on Twitter to explore different topics relevant to jobseekers, workforce professionals and employers. Panelists including career mentors and education reporters are invited to take part in the Q&A format chats to answer questions and provide advice to anyone who partakes in the conversation.

On August 23 from 12-1pm EST, the #MHECareers chat will offer advice on expanding workforce education. This month’s featured panelists include @MarkSBabbitt, Career and Leadership mentor, @writing_guru, Attorney and Career Expert, and @Fishdogs, AGS Director of Marketing.

The discussion will follow these questions:

  1. Why is continuous learning important in the workplace?
  2. What different forms can education and training take in the workplace?
  3. How can organizations benefit by offering education opportunities for employees?
  4. How can you make professional education & enrichment a daily habit?
  5. What can employers do to make continuous education a group activity?
  6. How can individual employees stay motivated to continuously improve their professional skills?
  7. How can employees approach their organizations about opportunities to expand their skills?
  8. How can employees find the right/reputable free resources to further their professional education?

Expanding your office's workforce education can feel overwhelming to accomplish when you don't know where to start. Join the conversation with @MHECareers to get tips and advice from professionals on how to enhance workforce education in your office.

If you're interested in starting your career as a member of our learning science team, take a look at our current career opportunities.

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