McGraw-Hill Education Careers Team Partners with Veterans Employment Organizations for Live Twitter Chat on 11/9

Published November 6, 2015

By Communications Team

November 9 at 12-1pm EST | ‘Camo to Corporate’ chat offers advice to help vets transition to the civilian workforce


Join the conversation live on 11/9 at 12-1pm EDT using the hashtag #MHECareers on Twitter.

According to the 2014 survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics there are well over a half-million unemployed veterans in the United States alone. Making the transition from the military to a career in the public or private sector can be both challenging and rewarding. While many of the behaviors and work habits engrained in veterans from their years of service are well suited to the civilian workforce, others can be a challenge.

On Monday, November 9th at 12-1pm EST, the McGraw-Hill Education careers team will be joined by a panel of veteran employment experts from Hire Purpose and Hero2Hired, for ‘Camo to Corporate: Transitioning from military to the workforce.’ To follow the live conversation or join the chat, just follow @MHECareers on Twitter and use the hashtag #MHECareers.

Chat topics will include:

  • What is your best advice to a veteran transitioning from the military to corporate?

  • What information is important for a veteran to include in their 2 minute elevator speech?

  • Based on military experience, how can a veteran determine their experience level for the workplace?

  • How can a veteran translate military skills/experience into an easy to understand resume format?

  • Why is it important for a veteran to identify employment gaps on their resume?

  • What type of military awards should a veteran include on their resume and mention during interview?

  • How can a veteran prepare for scenario-based questions during the interview?

  • During the interview, how can a veteran describe military experience & apply it to the position?

  • How does communicating in the military differ from that of a corporate environment?

  • What references should a veteran provide to hiring manager to showcase their professionalism?

About the guest panelists:

Hire Purpose was developed by veterans for veterans and are committed to addressing some of the incredible gaps that exist in the transition from military service to civilian career success.

Hero2Hired is a Department of Defense program that works to match the Guard and Reserve with jobs they deserve.