Inaugural Return On Education Innovation Awards names McGraw-Hill LearnSmart finalist in "Learning Platform" category

Published April 5, 2013

By Communications Team

Yesterday, Arizona State University, the Clayton Christensen Institute and GSV Advisors announced the finalists in each of nine categories for the Return On Education Innovation Awards, and we’re very proud to say that McGraw-Hill LearnSmart was named a finalist in the “Learning Platform” category!

Finalists were chosen based on their fulfillment of the following criteria:

  • Dramatically improving learning outcomes
  • Providing substantial leverage to learning leaders (teachers, professors, self-learners)
  • Significantly increasing access to education, and/or
  • Making learning more affordable

We’re honored to be listed among some of the best and most innovative names in education technology. The awards are tied to the ASU GSV Education Innovation Summit, a conference that has quickly grown in size and significance since its inception, and one that we’re proud not only to sponsor but to participate in. Jeff Livingston, McGraw-Hill Education’s senior vice president of education policy and strategic alliances, will be speaking on a panel at the event on Tuesday, April 16.

The nomination marks the latest achievement in what’s been a big year for LearnSmart. First, there was the independent study that revealed that LearnSmart can have dramatic effects on student performance and retention – including turning C students into B students and B students into A students. Then, in November, we announced that more than 1 million students had answered more than 1 billion questions in the system – figures that Brian Kibby, the president of McGraw-Hill Higher Education, referred to as “the ed tech equivalent of McDonalds-level numbers.”

At CES in January, we changed the idea of what adaptive learning can do by launching LearnSmart Advantage, a suite of products that takes adaptive learning beyond the realm of course study tools by taking our industry-leading adaptive technology and applying it to new aspects of the student learning experience. The suite includes SmartBook, the world’s first ever adaptive e-book, which revolutionizes college reading by focusing students’ attention on the content that is most critical to their learning.

Most recently, we launched a new version of LearnSmart that enables students and professors to use LearnSmart regardless of whether the content used in the course was produced by us. The new version allows the 15 million students who are currently enrolled in the 31 course areas for which the new version of LearnSmart is available the chance to study more efficiently and earn better grades.

We’re thrilled that Return On Education Innovation Awards are showing LearnSmart some love, but more than anything, we’re happy for general awareness of the idea that adaptive learning can boost student grades and retention while letting instructors spend more class time on covering advanced concepts.

Winners from this strong group of finalists will be announced at the ROE Awards dinner at the Education Innovation Summit on Wednesday, April 17. Here’s hoping we’ll have some more good news to share soon!