5 Fun Videos for Serious Learning

Published April 1, 2015

By Communications Team

At McGraw-Hill we always take our mission to improve educational outcomes seriously, but we also believe that learning can (and should) be fun and engaging.

Since today is April Fools' Day, we've gathered some of the great videos from our leaning programs that are sure to make teachers, students, and parents laugh but also learn something. Enjoy!

Compare and Contrast Video Screenshot

Introduction to Reading Skills: Compare and Contrast | This fun animation from SRA FLEX Literacy gives a student-friendly introduction to comparing and contrasting events and characters in reading; check out the entire playlist for quick intros to over 40 standards-aligned key reading skills!

Get in the Game with LearnSmart | Give college students a fun reminder of why it pays to study with the LearnSmart adaptive eTextbook platform.

Science Fact or Fool: Energy Drink Experiment | Can energy drink 'fuel' be harvested to charge an iPod? See if your science students can tell the difference between real experiments or a series of fake-outs.

5 Engaging Digital Icebeakers | In this recorded webinar, teaching and technology expert Jennie Magiera explains how to liven-up dull classrooms and get students in the spirit of collaboration with digital engagement activities for tech-savvy teachers.

Quincy Finally Meets His Heroes | Recently the grandson of Chris Willig, our K-12 president, achieved internet stardom when a picture of him overwhelmed at finally meeting his heroes (the garbage men) went viral.