Let’s Explore the Future of K-12 and College Education at SXSW in 2017

Published August 29, 2016

Vote in the Panel Picker by 9/2 to have a voice in next year’s most inspiring educational festival!


Every spring thousands of educators and innovators gather in Austin, Texas, to explore and be inspired by the future of learning. The 2017 SXSW Festival and SXSWedu are still months away, but there’s less than a week left to cast your Panel Picker votes to help set the agenda for next year’s festivals!

This year we’ve assembled an incredible lineup of panel ideas and guest speakers. Here are the panel ideas we’ve submitted with our collaborators from K-12, college, and professional education. Click the links to learn more and access the Panel Picker. Make sure to vote by Friday, September 2nd!

K-12 Education Panels for SXSWedu:

  • Teaching: Art, Science, or Both? | Are education policies and practices better informed by the art or science of teaching? This session compares the merits of two opposing approaches to the same goal – student success.

  • Why Is K-12 Education So Slow to Change? | From smart phones to electric cars, new innovations have reshaped virtually every aspect of our lives. Why then have many of our K-12 classrooms remained so firmly rooted in the 20th century? How can educators and leaders ignite change to truly transform instruction and learning?

  • Researchers Share New Approaches to Teaching ELLs | This panel brings together researchers and learning experts to explore the latest findings and new approaches to helping teachers with second language and bilingual students. How can teachers specifically address the complex needs of ELLs?

  • Can We Have a WAZE App for Learning? | Big Data gets all the buzz, but data without Insights is useless. With simple beautiful visualizations, instructors can help students find the best route to their learning destination.

  • Open Up: Districts' Push for Open Data Standards | This panel of district and corporate CTOs will explore implications of the “Go Open” movement, forecasting challenges and prescribing best practices.

  • Architecting an Educational Ecosystem | FTIS is a high performing district in Ft. Thomas, KY and is in their fifth year of their digital conversion plan. Hear what they have learned, what is working, what was surprising and the new considerations that are evolving as they make their digital leap.

  • Using Technology to Personalize for the Learner | Join representatives from Baltimore County Public Schools as they provide an inside look at their approach to tackling curriculum creation and technology transformation at the same time.

Higher Education Panels for SXSWedu:

  • How Colleges Are Solving the Retention Riddle | If a student can get through freshman year, he or she is more than likely to go on to graduate. Moving the needle on retention can make a huge difference. How are colleges improving outcomes?

  • Why Have We Failed on Remediation? | A whopping 52 percent of students going into two-year colleges need remedial classes. This panel will focus on two new and successful models for remediation that are driving results.

  • How to Fit Ed Tech Solutions Together Like Legos | This panel will define interoperability in the context of education, explore the state of education interoperability today, and look ahead at its potential to transform the educational experience.

Learning Science Panel for SXSW

Remember to cast your Panel Picker votes by Friday, September 2nd 2016. We’ll see you next year in Austin!