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Microsoft Office 365/2019 is here!

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Easy-to-Use Study Modules

Students can receive instructional content, projects and assessments to help them with course assignments and real-world applications. Ongoing practice resources and an integrated library feature allow students to access and study content on demand and on the go.

Customer Reviews

“SIMnet makes my job as an administrator much more SIMple! I can match the exams to the criteria established by my institution and provide assessment data required by our accreditation.”

Linda Johnsonius - Director: Center for Undergraduate Business Advising, Murray State University

“SIMnet has transformed my Introduction to Computers class, streamlining training and assessment in a deep-linked environment.”

Matthew C. Henry - Instructor, Wake Technical Community College

“SIMnet is a very thorough training environment. It prepares our students to be successful working in the real-world environment with the entire office suite. The training provides the students with foundational skills that serve the student throughout their professional careers. The lessons, projects, and exams, are excellent tools that provide the student with reinforcing activities that allow the students to be productive in the real-world.”

Adam Suggs - Instructor, Gwinnett College

“This is extremely helpful for anyone that’s going into business and it has endless applications for it. I’ve done everything from PowerPoint to Word to Excel. I’m now currently taking my second ISM class, which is management information systems, and this is really going to help me later on, in my future.”

Ethan Ellison - Student, Purdue University

Success Stories

Instructors across the country tell us about SIMnet’s ease of use.

Instructors share their stories on how SIMnet reporting informs their instruction.

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