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Write Now, Second Edition by Karin Russell Table of Contents

Note: * Indicates a selection that is new to this edition

Part 1:  Introduction to Writing

1. Getting Started with Writing

  • Creating an Ideal Writing Environment
  • Analyzing the Rhetorical Situation: The Star Approach
  • Model Rhetorical Star Analysis of “Be Our Guest, Please”

2. The Writing Process

  • Following the Writing Process
  • Discovering
  • Planning
  • Composing
  • Getting Feedback
  • Revising
  • Editing
  • Proofreading
  • One Student’s Journey Through the Writing Process
    • Thomas Gorsuch, “Madness in the Music World” (student essay)

3. Writing Sentences, Paragraphs, and Essays

  • Writing a Sentence
  • Writing a Paragraph
  • Writing an Essay
  • Model Essay: Russell Baker, “The Art of Eating Spaghetti”
  • Writing Attitude Survey  
  • Matthew Ruffell, “A Literary Genius I Am Not” (student essay)

4. The Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing Connection

  • Thinking Critically
  • Reading and Interpreting Written Texts
  • Annotated Essay: Jonah Lehrer, “Animating a Blockbuster: Inside Pixar’s Creative Magic”
  • Participating in Class Discussions about Readings
  • Reading and Interpreting Visual Texts
  • Interpreting a Photograph: Associated Press, “Fish Pedicures: Carp Rid Human Feet of Scaly Skin”
  • Interpreting a Graph: Tara Kalwarski/Charts by David Foster, “Numbers: Yes, the Health-Care Business Is Recession-Proof”
  • *Interpreting an Ad: Burger King
  • Reading and Interpreting Web Sites
  • Interpreting a website: “National Geographic News”
  • Logical Fallacies
  • Stacie Ross, “The Body of an Olympian” (student essay)

Part 2: Writing Strategies

5. Narrating: Memories

  • NB: Chapters 6-12 have the same basic structure as Chapter 5
  • Writing Strategy Focus: Narrating
  • Real-World Applications for Narrating
  • Qualities of an Effective Narration
    • *Career-Based Narrative writing: Kris Bishop, “Case Narrative”
    • Career-Based Narrative writing: Reinaldo Irizzary, Sample Narrative of a Violent Domestic Incident Police Report
    • Narrating in the Context of Memories
    • Readings and Reflection narrative wriitng:  Amy Tan,“Mother Tongue”
    • *Readings and Reflection narrative writing:  Richard Rodriguez, “The Workers”  
    • *Readings and Reflection narrative writing:  Conrad Kottak, “Even Anthropologists Get Culture Shock”
    • Readings and Reflection narrative writing: Langston Hughes, “Mother to Son”
    • Claudia Martinez, “Adrenaline Rush” (student essay)
    • Sally Wilson, “Ireland: A Country of Illumination” (student essay)
  • Options for Writing a Narrative Paper
    • Interpreting an Advertisement: Endless Sands. Pure Waters.
    • Writing about an Image
    • Media Connection for Narration
    • Writing Assignment Options
  • Analyzing the Rhetorical Star for Writing a Narrative
  • Applying the Writing Process for Narrating
  • Writer’s Checklist for Writing a Narrative

6. Describing: Media and Popular Culture

  • Career-Based Descriptive Writing: Mayo Clinic, “Exercise-Induced Asthma”
  • Career-Based Description Writing: School Discipline Form
  • Readings and Reflection Descriptive Writing: Neal Gabler, “How Urban Myths Reveal Society’s Fears”
  • Readings and Reflection Descriptive Writing: Bill Wine, “Rudeness at the Movies”
  • Readings and Reflection Descriptive Writing: Stephen King, “My Creature from the Black Lagoon”
  • *Readings and Reflection Descriptive Writing: Joan Acocella, “High Street: Hip-hop’s Boldest Choreographer”
  • *Readings and Reflection Descriptive Writing: Gwendolyn Brooks, “We Real Cool”
  • Danielle Malico, “The Ring” (student essay)
  • *Interpreting an Advertisement: Suzuki ad

7. Explaining a Process: Cultures and Traditions

  • Career-Based Process Writing: Calvin Sun, “10 Ways to Improve Your Office Etiquette”
  • *Career-Based Process Writing: Rose Farhat-Goodson, “Steps in Venipuncture”
  • Marissa Scott, “How to Feed a Nursing Home Patient” (student essay)
  • Readings and Reflection Process Writing: Marlo Mogan, “Happy Unbirthday”
  • *Readings and Reflection Process Writing: Christine Ng, “Bringing out the Flirt in You”
  • *Readings and Reflection Process Writing: Jack Norworth, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game”
  • Karen Ebanks, “Cooking Oxtails, Jamaican Style!” (student essay)
  • Alexander Gehring, “How to Make a Traditional Hawaiian Lei” (student essay)
  • Writing Assignment Options
  • Interpreting an Advertisement: “Coexist”
  • Sample Design for Instructions: Draw Sheet Transfer

8. Comparing and Contrasting: Computers and Technology

  • *Career-Based Comparing and Contrasting: Peter Cardon, “The Evolving Workplace” and “Characteristics of the Social Age”
  • *Readings and Reflection Comparing and Contrasting: David Brooks, “Love, Internet Style”
  • Readings and Reflection Comparing and Contrasting: Deborah Tannen, “Gender Gap in Cyberspace”
  • Readings and Reflection Comparing and Contrasting: Marty Whiddon, “Computers, Computers”
  • *Readings and Reflection Comparing and Contrasting:  George Saunders, “My Flamboyant Grandson”
  • James Ingram, Amanda Laudato, and Daniel Volpe, “Kindle vs. iPad” (student essay)
  • Writing Assignment Options
  • Interpreting an Advertisement: iPad advertisement

9. Analyzing Causes and Effects: Health and Medicine

  • Career-Based Cause-and-Effect Writing: U.S. Department of Labor, “Accident Report”
  • Readings and Reflection Cause-and-Effect Writing: Shirley Vanderbilt, “Food: Your Body’s Natural Healer”
  • Readings and Reflection Cause-and-Effect Writing: Susan Bordo, “The Globalization of Eating Disorders”
  • Readings and Reflection Cause-and-Effect Writing: Rob Sheffield, “Welcome to the United States of Ambien”
  • *Readings and Reflection Cause-and-Effect Writing:  Charles B. Corbin, “Dietary Recommendations for Carbohydrates”
  • *Readings and Reflection Cause-and-Effect Writing:  William Shakespeare, “Sonnet 147: My Love Is a Fever Longing Still”
  • Olivia Covey, “Get Fit with Wii” (student essay)
  • Interpreting an Advertisement: “Your Fitness in the Balance”

10. Persuading: Relationships

  • Career-Based Persuasive Writing: “Résumé of Kristin Starr”
  • *Career-Based Persuasive Writing: Bryan Dik, “Career Choice: Easy for Superheroes, Hard for Us”
  • *Readings and Reflection Persuasive Writing: Katherine Bindley, ”Facebook Relationship Problems: How Social Networking and Jealousy Affect Your Love Life”
  • Readings and Reflection Persuasive Writing: Al Rodricks, “The Benefits of Social Networking on YOUR Social Life”
  • Readings and Reflection Persuasive Writing: Deborah Tannen, “Sex, Lies, and Conversation: Why Is It So Hard for Men and Women to Talk to Each Other?”
  • Readings and Reflection Persuasive Writing: Jon Katz, “How Boys Become Men”
  • Readings and reflection Persuasive Writing: Noel Perrin, “Androgynous Man”
  • *Readings and Reflection Persuasive Writing: Amy Gross, “The Appeal of the Androgynous Man”
  • Thomas James “TJ” Pinkerton, “Mursing”
  • Interpreting an Advertisement: Carlsberg beer: Togetherness; Mac: Viva Glam IV

11. Evaluating: Film and the Arts

  • Career-Based Evaluation Writing: “Sample Employee Evaluation Form”
  • Readings and Reflection Evaluative Writing: Simon Benlow, “Revealing the Ugly Cartoonish Truth”
  • *Readings and Reflection Evaluation Writing: Kenneth Turan, Review of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows—Part 2
  • *Readings and Reflection Evaluative Writing: Peter Travers, Review: The Hunger Games
  • Readings and Reflection Evaluative Writing: Ann Powers, “Album Review: Black-Eyed Peas’ The E.N.D.”
  • Readings and Reflection Evaluative Writing: Hal Shows, “Empire Burlesque”
  • Amanda Archer, “Adventures in Crime” (student essay)
  • Interpreting an Advertisement: “How Will You Fight the Battle for Middle Earth?”

12. Solving a Problem: Crime and Justice

  • Career-Based Problem-Solving Writing: “Above the Law: Government Parking Abuse in NYC”
  • *Reading and Reflection Problem-solving Writing: Lee E. Berlik, “Facebook ‘Likes’ Not Protected Speech, Says Virginia Court”
  • *Readings and Reflection problem-solving Writing: Liliana Segura, “Why Should Thousands of Prisoners Die Behind Bars for Nonviolent Crimes?”
  • Readings and Reflection problem-solving Writing:  Clive Thompson, “It’s All in Your Head: Why the Next Civil Rights Battle Will Be over the Mind”
  • Readings and Reflection problem-solving Writing: Sekou Sundiata, “Blink Your Eyes”
  • Readings and Reflection problem-solving Writing: Susan Glaspell, Trifles
  • Brittney Balogh, “Drinking and Driving” (student essay)
  • *Interpreting an Advertisement: “American Hustle” (poster for the film)

Part 3: Research Guide

13. Planning and Writing a Research Paper

  • Discovering a Research Topic
  • Narrowing a Research Topic
  • Creating a Researchable Question
  • Writing a Preliminary Thesis Statement
  • Locating Library and Internet Sources
  • Evaluating Research Sources
  • Taking Notes from Research Materials
  • Conducting Primary Research
  • Creating an Outline
  • Neil Harris, “How Scared Are You?” (student essay—rough draft)
  • Composing Your Research Paper

14. Documenting a Research Paper

  • Avoiding Plagiarism
  • Determining When to Cite or Not Cite a Source
  • MLA Format
  • Margaret Rowland, “From Stigma to Status” (Student Research Paper, shown in both MLA and APA styles)
  • APA Format
  • Writer’s Checklist for a Research Paper

15. Giving an Oral Presentation

  • Planning an Oral Presentation
  • Choosing Visual Aids
  • Delivering an Oral Presentation
  • Anita Jitta, “Texting While Driving” (Student Outline)
  • Presenter’s Checklist
  • Observer’s Checklist
  • Group Presentations

Part 4: Editing Guide

  1. Editing Sentences
  2. Editing Words (Diction)
  3. Editing Grammar
  4. Editing Punctuation
  5. Editing Mechanics
  6. Editing Spelling