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Intro: You Don't Have to Give Up Who You are to Get What you Want; Chapter 1. The Three Keys to Success: Be Confident, Be Prepared, and Be Willing to Walk Away; Chapter 2. The 10 Most Common Mistakes Women Make and How to Avoid Them; Chapter 3. Convince: Changing the Way Other See Things; Chapter 4. Collaborate: Problem-Solve to Satisfy Everyone’s Interest; Chapter 5. Create: If You Don't Like the Rules, Change the Game—Changing the Way We Negotiate; Chapter 6. Mars and Venus: Negotiating with Men Versus Negotiating with Women; Chapter 7. Every Day Can be Valentine's Day: Getting What You Want from Your Spouse or Boyfriend; Chapter 8. Negotiating with Your Family: If You can Negotiate with a Two-Year-Old, You can Negotiate with Anyone; Chapter 9. How to Succeed in Business: Negotiating Salaries; Chapter 10. Buying a Car; Chapter 11. Buying and Selling Real Estate; Chapter 12. Divorce: Don't Get Even, but Get Enough; Chapter 13. Empower Yourself: A Three-Step Program for Better Negotiating