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Table of Contents

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Introduction: What Is Badge?
Chapter 1: Exploring the Profiles

Part I: The 16 Profiles
Chapter 2: The Activator
Chapter 3: The Advocator
Chapter 4: The Befriender
Chapter 5: The Captivator
Chapter 6: The Creator
Chapter 7: The Curator
Chapter 8: The Demonstrator
Chapter 9: The Director
Chapter 10: The Educator
Chapter 11: The Liberator
Chapter 12: The Navigator
Chapter 13: The Performer
Chapter 14: The Producer
Chapter 15: The Scholar
Chapter 16: The Scientist
Chapter 17: The Soldier

Part II: The 4 Quadrants
Chapter 18: Be Your Best Badge Profile
Chapter 19: Quadrant 1: Exploration
Chapter 20: Quadrant 2: Sharing
Chapter 21: Quadrant 3: Response
Chapter 22: Quadrant 4: Durability
Chapter 23: Into the Wild

Appendix: Extra Treats