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Contemporary Nutrition is a complete and balanced resource for nutrition information written at a level non-science majors can understand. Current research is at the core of the eleventh edition, with revised statistics, incorporation of new results of clinical trials, and updated recommendations. The text provides students who lack a strong science background the ideal balance of reliable nutrition information and practical consumer-oriented knowledge.

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Table of Contents

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Part One Nutrition: A Key toHealth

1Nutrition, Food Choices, and Health

2Designing a Healthy Dietary Pattern

3The Human Body: A Nutrition Perspective

Part Two Energy Nutrients andEnergy Balance




7Energy Balance and Weight Control

Part Three Vitamins, Minerals,and Water


9Water and Minerals

Part Four Nutrition: Beyondthe Nutrients

10Nutrition: Fitness and Sports

11Eating Disorders

12Global Nutrition

13Protecting Our Food Supply

Part Five Nutrition: A Focuson Life Stages

14Nutrition During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

15Nutrition from Infancy Through Adolescence

16Nutrition During Adulthood