Victory Through Organization: Why the War for Talent is Failing Your Company and What You Can Do About It
Table of Contents

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Part I: HR Matters
Chapter 1: Why HR and Why Now?
Chapter 2: The Empirical Basis of HR Effectiveness
Part II: Organization
Chapter 3: Why Organization Matters: The Value of the Organization Beyond Individual Talent
Chapter 4: High-Priority HR Practices: Information Management and Integrated HR Practices
Chapter 5: High-Priority HR Practices: Employee Performance and HR Analytics
Part III: Individual
Chapter 6: Credible Activist: Getting Invited to the Table
Chapter 7: Strategic Positioner: Going Beyond Knowing the Business
Chapter 8: Becoming a Paradox Navigator
Chapter 9: Strategic Enablers: HR Competencies that Deliver Strategic Value
Chapter 10: Foundation Enablers: HR Competencies that Help Deliver Foundational Value
Part IV: What Happens Next?
Chapter 11: Now What?