Value-Added Selling, Fourth Edition: How to Sell More Profitably, Confidently, and Professionally by Competing on Value—Not Price
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Part I: The Value-Added Selling Philosophy

Chapter 1: How to Start and Sustain a Movement in Your Organization

Chapter 2: Value-Added Selling

Chapter 3: Small-Wins Selling

Chapter 4: The Critical Buying Path

Chapter 5: The Value-Added Selling Process

Chapter 6: The Psychology of Price Shopping

Chapter 7: Customer Messaging

Part II: Value-Added Selling Strategies

Chapter 8: High-Value Target Account Selection

Chapter 9: Target Account Penetration

Chapter 10: Customer-izing

Chapter 11: Positioning

Chapter 12: Differentiating

Chapter 13: Presenting

Chapter 14: Supporting

Chapter 15: Relationship Building

Chapter 16: Tinkering

Chapter 17: Value Reinforcement

Chapter 18: Leveraging

Part III: Value-Added Selling Tactics

Chapter 19: Filling Your Pipeline

Chapter 20: Precall Planning

Chapter 21: Opening the Sales Call

Chapter 22: The Needs-Analysis Stage

Chapter 23: The Presentation Stage

Chapter 24: The Commitment Stage (Closing)

Chapter 25: Handling Objections

Chapter 26: Postcall Activities

Part IV: Special Topics

Chapter 27: Managing Multiple Decision Makers

Chapter 28: Competing in an Amazon World

Chapter 29: Value-Added Inside Sales

Chapter 30: Final Thoughts