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Table of Contents

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Part I: Introduction and Key Concepts

1. Introduction
2. Key Concepts of Urban Economics

Part II: Market Forces in the Development of Cities

3. Trading and Factory Towns
4. Agglomeration Economies
5. Where Do Cities Develop?
6. Consumer Cities and Central Place Theory
7. Cities in a Regional Economy
8. The Urban Labor Market
9. The First Cities

Part III: Urban Land Use and Housing

10. Land Rent and Manufacturing Land Use
11. Office Space and Tall Buildings
12. Housing Prices and Residential Land Use
13. Distribution of Jobs and People
14. The Monocentric City and Urban General Equilibrium
15. Neighborhoods
16. Land Policy
17. Urban Housing

Part IV: Urban Transportation

18. Cars and Roads
19. Public Transit

Part V: Local Government, Education, and Crime

20. Role of Local Government
21. Local Government Revenue
22. Education
23. Crime
24. Models of Microeconomics