Tu mundo UPDATED EDITION https://www.mheducation.com/cover-images/Jpeg_400-high/0073375098.jpeg 1 9780073375090 Tu mundo immerses the Intro Spanish student in a culturally rich world full of opportunities to discover and explore the powerful connections between themselves and the people and cultures of the Spanish-speaking world. Students dive in to intensive communicative practice, building confidence in their ability to interact in a meaningful way in Spanish with access to a wealth of tools to support and guide their progress, including video chat, interactive online scenarios, and an adaptive diagnostic program. In addition, students are able to create their own sense of community, resulting in a unique individual experience that will evolve organically with each student, sparking their natural curiosity about their world. Tu mundo employs a communicative methodology that focuses on developing all four skills, supported by the best digital learning platform available today: Connect Spanish. Because Tu mundo was designed with today’s students in mind, students are more readily engaged with the content, thanks to their avid use of web-based tools, their innate interest the cultures of other countries, and their preference for visual presentations and quick access to information. Tu mundo reflects the world in which our students live; where online learning, social networking, texting, instant messaging, mobile devices, tablets, online gaming, and virtual scenarios are an integral part of daily life. What are the pillars of Tu mundo? Our extensive and ongoing research in the Intro Spanish course has led to the creation of Tu mundo, with a strong emphasis on the 5 C’s: Communication, Culture, Connections, Comparisons, and Communities. Tu mundo delivers content in a variety of ways in order to ensure consistent course outcomes across all course formats. 1. Improved communication performance & skills: By jumping directly into communicative practice at the beginning of every chapter, students are encouraged to immerse themselves in the experience of active learning, whether in a face-to-face or online classroom. Grammar is presented at the end of each chapter, allowing students to study at home and work through the exercises in Connect Spanish for automatic feedback, coming to class ready to engage in discussion. This emphasis on communication in the classroom makes Tu mundo the most effective communicative program on the market. No other program commits to this methodology like Tu mundo. 2. Creating consistent learning outcomes: Tu mundo offers a powerful adaptive learning system called LearnSmart that allows students to identify grammatical structures and vocabulary words not yet mastered and to receive an individualized study program for mastering them. Students of all experience levels will benefit from using LearnSmart, which includes built-in reporting and a competitive scoreboard. Connect Spanish Voice Board and Blackboard Instant Messenger (BbIM), both powered by Wimba, ensure that students are getting ample practice time no matter where their classes take place. 3. Building community and connections between students: Creating a sense of community in the face-to-face or virtual classroom is a huge part of language learning and something that Tu mundo does implicitly. Whether students collaborate in a physical classroom or in Connect Spanish, they are provided with opportunities to engage in meaningful conversations and collaborative task-based activities. The Amigos sin fronteras, a cast of young Hispanic students that share common interests, are featured throughout the entire program and showcased in the Así somos video segments. Through the Amigos sin fronteras, students are exposed to a friendly model on how to apply what they are learning to another friendly group of students, i.e. their own class. In addition, Tu mundo presents an interactive online environment that applies engaging content and task-based scenarios that enable you to practicing your language skills in a fun, immersive way. Thus, students can practice Spanish in a context that is not only fun but extremely motivating. 4. More Culture and Comparisons coverage: Culture is so often left behind—so Tu mundo offers it throughout the program. Each chapter features a country of focus which doubles as the home country of one of the fifteen amigos. Along with in-chapter cultural sections, every chapter of Tu mundo features a second video segment called Mi país (within Connect), narrated by the amigos themselves, as they share information about their native countries. This window into the lives of the amigos provides a point of comparison for you to describe your own life. The Mundo interactivo scenarios represent a variety of cultural contexts in which you can interact with language and culture in a way that is meaningful to you. *Connect Spanish, including but not limited to the workbook/lab manual, LearnSmart, the video program, and chat tools, is sold separately and does not come automatically with the purchase of the textbook.


1st Edition
By Magdalena Andrade and Jeanne Egasse and Elías Miguel Muñoz and María Cabrera-Puche
ISBN10: 0073375098
ISBN13: 9780073375090
Copyright: 2014

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Program Details

Capítulo 1 ¡A conversar!


Los nombres de los compañeros de clase

La ropa, los colores y los números del 0 al 49

La descripción de las personas

Los saludos


Subject Pronouns and the Verb ser

Gender and Number of Nouns

Adjective-Noun Agreement


Mi país: Los Estados Unidos

Capítulo 2 Amigos y compañeros


Los cumpleaños y la edad

Las cosas en el salón de clase y los mandatos

El cuerpo humano

Amigos sin Fronteras


Expressing Age: The Verb tener

Expressing Location: The Verb estar

Forms and Placement of Adjectives

Origin: ser de

Mi país: Paraguay

Capítulo 3 Las actividades y el tiempo libre


Las actividades favoritas

La hora

Las actividades diarias

El tiempo


Using gustar to Express Likes and Dislikes

Telling Time: ¿Qué hora es? ¿A qué hora… ?

Mi país: Argentina y Uruguay

Capítulo 4 La familia y los amigos


En familia

Las preferencias y los deseos

Datos personales

Los planes


Possession: tener, ser de, and Possessive Adjectives

The verbs preferir and querer + Infinitive

Question Formation

Making Plans: pensar, tener ganas de, and ir a with Activities and Places

Mi país: Ecuador

Capítulo 5 La rutina diaria


La rutina

Las tres comidas

Los días festivos

Los estados físicos y anímicos


Present Tense of Reflexive Verbs

Verbs with Stem Vowel Changes (ie, ue) in the Present Tense

Impersonal Direct Object Pronouns: lo, la, los, las

Irregular Verbs

Mi país: El Salvador, Honduras y Nicaragua

Capítulo 6 Las carreras y los oficios


Las materias

Las actividades en la clase

Las habilidades

El empleo


Indirect Object Pronouns

Present Progressive

Saber and poder + Infinitive

Obligations: tener que, deber, necesitar; hay que, es necesario + Infinitive

Mi país: Chile

Capítulo 7 Los lugares y la residencia


Los lugares en la ciudad

La casa y el vecindario

Las actividades domésticas

Actividades en casa y en otros lugares


Knowing People, Places, and Facts: conocer and saber

Comparisons of Inequality: más/menos

Comparisons of Equality: tan/tanto

The Preterite Tense of Regular Verbs

Mi país: Colombia y Panamá

Capítulo 8 Hablando del pasado


Mis experiencias

Las experiencias con los demás

Hechos memorables


Verbs with Irregular Preterite Forms

Stem-Changing Verbs in the Preterite

Verbs with Special Meaning in the Preterite: conocer, poder, querer, saber, tener

Expressing ago: hacer + Time

Mi país: México

Capítulo 9 ¡Buen provecho!


La cocina del mundo hispano

La nutrición

La preparación de la comida

En el restaurante


Personal and Impersonal Direct Object Pronouns: lo, la, los, and las

Using Affirmative and Negative Words: alguien/nadie, algo/nada

Expressing one or you: The Impersonal se

Stem-Changing Verbs: pedir and servir

Mi país: Perú y Bolivia

Capítulo 10 Los recuerdos


La familia y los parientes

La niñez

La adolescencia


Prepositions and Pronouns

The Imperfect Tense

Talking About Past Actions in Progress: The Imperfect Progressive

Using the Imperfect to Express Intention: ir + a, querer and pensar + Infinitive

Mi país: Cuba

Capítulo 11 De viaje


La geografía y el clima

Los medios de transporte

En busca de sitios

Los viajes


The Present Perfect

Destination and Time: por and para (Part 1)

Polite Commands

Using the Imperfect and the Preterite Together

Mi país: España

Capítulo 12 La salud


El cuerpo humano y la salud

Las enfermedades y su tratamiento

La atención médica

Los accidentes y las emergencias


Present Subjunctive with querer, recomendar, and Other Verbs of Volition

The Subjunctive in Time Clauses

Indirect Object Pronouns with Commands and Present Subjunctive

Unplanned Occurrences: se

Mi país: Venezuela

Capítulo 13 La familia y la crianza


Los lazos familiares

Las órdenes y los consejos y los buenos deseos

La crianza


Describing: ser and estar

Informal Commands

More Uses of the Subjunctive (Part 1)

Narrating Past Experiences: The Present Perfect, Imperfect, and Preterite

Mi país: Puerto Rico y la República Dominicana

Capítulo 14 De compras


Los productos y los materiales

Comprando ropa

Las compras y el regateo

¿Gastar o ahorrar?


Price, Beneficiary and Purpose: por and para (Part 2)

Using Indirect and Direct Object Pronouns Together

Pronoun Placement Summary

Opinions and Reactions: Indicative and Subjunctive

Mi país: Guatemala

Capítulo 15 Nuestro provenir


Las metas personales

Cuestiones sociales

La tecnología

El futuro del planeta


The Future Tense

More Uses of the Subjunctive (Part 2)

The Conditional

Past Subjunctive and Summary of Uses of the Subjunctive

Mi país: Costa Rica