The Toyota Way to Service Excellence: Lean Transformation in Service Organizations
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The Toyota Way as a General Management Philosophy

Chapter 1

What Is Service Excellence?

Chapter 2

The Toyota Way Continues to Evolve

Chapter 3

Principle 1: Philosophy of Long-Term Systems Thinking

Chapter 4

Developing Lean Processes: A Short Story

Chapter 5

Macroprocess Principles: Create a Cadence

of High Value Flowing to Customers

Chapter 6

Microprocess Principles: Make Work Patterns Visible

for Continuous Improvement

Chapter 7

Macrolevel People Principles: The Context

for Exceptional People to Provide Exceptional Service

Chapter 8

Microlevel People Principles: Develop People

to Become Masters of Their Craft

Chapter 9

Problem-Solving Principles: Strive Toward

a Clear Direction Through Experimenting

Chapter 10

The Long Journey to a Customer-Focused Learning Organization


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