The Toyota Kata Practice Guide: Practicing Scientific Thinking Skills for Superior Results in 20 Minutes a Day
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Excerpt from Toyota Kata

Introduction: A Way to Learn and Teach Scientific Thinking

Part I: Bringing Together Scientific Thinking and Practice

Chapter 1: Scientific Thinking for Everyone

Chapter 2: Guidelines for Good Practice

Chapter 3: Roles and Structure for Daily Practice

Chapter 4: Get Ready to Practice

Part II: Practice Routines for the Learner (The Improvement Kata)

Chapter 5: Understand the Direction or Challenge (Step 1)

Chapter 6: Grasp the Current Condition (Step 2)

Chapter 7: Establish the Next Target Condition (Step 3)

Chapter 8: Experiment Toward the Target Condition (Step 4)

Chapter 9: The Summary Reflection

Part III: Practice Routines for the Coach (The Coaching Kata)

Chapter 10: Introduction to the Coaching Kata

Chapter 11: Coaching Cycles: Concept Overview

Chapter 12: How to Do a Coaching Cycle: Practice Routines


Appendix: Forms and Templates