Theatrical Design and Production: An Introduction to Scene Design and Construction, Lighting, Sound, Costume, and Makeup
Table of Contents

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1. Production Organization and Management

2. The Design Process

3. A Brief History of Theatre Architecture and Stage Technology

4. The Stage and Its Equipment

5. Style, Composition, and Design

6. Color

7. Mechanical Drafting

8. Perspective Drawing

9. Scenic Design

10. Tools and Materials

11. Scenic Production Techniques

12. Scene Painting

13. Stage Properties

14. Lighting Design

15. Electrical Theory and Practice

16. Lighting Production

17. Projections and Media

18. Costume Design

19. Costume Construction

20. Makeup

21. Sound Design and Technology

22. Drawing and Rendering

Appendix A: USITT Recommended Practice for Theatrical LIghting Design Graphics (2006)

Appendix B: Building and Covering Wooden-Framed Soft Flats


Selected References