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Table of Contents

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Integumentary Basics

Chapter 1: Anatomy and Physiology of the Integumentary System

Chapter 2: Acute and Chronic Wound Healing

Chapter 3: Evaluation of the patient with a wound

Chapter 4: Vascular wounds: arterial and venous

Chapter 5: Lymphedema

Chapter 6: Neuropathic Wounds

Chapter 7: Pressure Ulcers

Chapter 8: Atypical Wounds

Chapter 9: Surgical wounds, flaps, and skin grafts

Chapter 10: Burns

Chapter 11: Diagnosis of Impeding Factors

Chapter 12: Debridement

Chapter 13: Dressings

Chapter 14: Electrical stimulation and electromagnetic therapy

Chapter 15: Pulsed lavage with suction

Chatper 16: Ultrasound

Chapter 17: Negative pressure wound therapy

Chapter 18: Hyperbaric oxygen