Technology Ventures: From Idea to Enterprise

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Table of Contents

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Part I - Venture Opportunity and Strategy

1) The Role and Promise of Entrepreneurship

2) Opportunities

3) Vision and the Business Model

4) Competitive Strategy

5) Innovation Strategies

Part II - Concept Development and Venture Formation

6) The Business Story and Plan

7) Risk and Return

8) Creativity and Product/Service Developement

9) Marketing and Sales

10) Types of Ventures

Part III - Organizations, Operations, and Intellectual Property

11) Intellectual Property

12) The New Enterprise Organization

13) Acquiring and Organizing Resources

14) Management of Operations

15) Acquisitions and Global Expansion

Part IV - Financing and Leading the Enterprise

16) Profit and Harvest

17) The Financial Plan

18) Sources of Capital

19) Deal Presentations and Negotiations

20) Leading Ventures to Success