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Table of Contents

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Part I: Teachers and Students

Chapter 1: The Teaching Profession and You

Chapter 2: Different Ways of Learning

Chapter 3: Teaching Your Diverse Students

Chapter 4: Student Life in School and at Home

Part II: Foundations

Chapter 5: The Multicultural History of American Education

Chapter 6: Philosophy of Education

Chapter 7: Financing and Governing America’s Schools

Chapter 8: School Law and Ethics

Part III: Schools and Classrooms

Chapter 9: Reforming America's Schools

Chapter 10: Curriculum, Standards, and Testing

Chapter 11: Becoming an Effective Teacher

Text Appendix 1: Reflective Activities and Your Portfolio

Text Appendix 2: Teacher Competency Exams and Praxis Sample Test Questions

Online Appendix A: State Departments of Education

Online Appendix B: Classroom Objective Guidelines

Online Appendix C: Q and A Guide to Entering the Teaching Profession