Surveying: Theory and Practice
Table of Contents

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I Concepts

1 Surveying and Mapping

2 Survey Measurements and Adjustments

3 Planning and Data Acquisition

II Basic Survey Measurements

4 Distance Measurement

5 Vertical Distance Measurement Leveling

6 Angle and Direction Measurements

7 Combined Distance and Angle Measurement System

III Survey Operations

8 Traverse

9 Standard Methods for Horizontal Positioning

10 Astronomy

IV Modern Surveying and Mapping

11 Map Projections

12 Global Positioning System (GPS)

13 Photogrammetric Surveying and Mapping

14 Mapping, Digital Mapping, and Spatial Information Systems

V Types of Surveys

15 Control and Topographic Surveying

16 Route Surveying

17 Construction Surveying

18 Land Surveys


A Elementary Mathematical Concepts

B Introduction to Vector and Matrix Algebra

C Coordinate Transformations (including transformations between geodetic reference systems)

D Introduction to Probability and Statistics

E Trigonometric Formulas and Statistical Tables