Supply Chain Strategy, Second Edition: Unleash the Power of Business Integration to Maximize Financial, Service, and Operations Performance

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Edward Frazelle

Edward Frazelle is the founding Director of The Logistics Institute at Georgia Tech. The Logistics Institute is the world's largest center for logistics education and research. As an educator, Dr. Frazelle has trained more than 20,000 professionals in the principles of world-class logistics. As a consultant he has assisted more than 100 corporations and government agencies in their pursuit of world-class logistics. As an author, he has authored, co-authored, or contributed to seven books and over twenty articles on logistics. Dr. Frazelle's achievements have been recognized by the Council of Logistics Management's Doctoral Research Grant, The Warehousing Education and Research Council's Burr Hupp Fellowship, the Material Handling Institute's MHEF Fellowship, the Institute of Industrial Engineer's Armstrong Award, and Kodak's Educational Grant Award. Dr. Frazelle has a Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering from The Georgia Institute of Technology.