Be A Successful Green Land Developer
Table of Contents

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Chapter One. Why Should I Consider Green Land Development?
Chapter Two. Using Green Space to Make Big Bucks
Chapter Three. Building a Strong Development Team
Chapter Four. Making Sales
Chapter Five. Setting Up Your Lenders and Investors
Chapter Six. Finding Suitable Development Property
Chapter Seven. What Makes a Project Viable
Chapter Eight. Looking for Land in All the Right Places
Chapter Nine. Initial Investigations
Chapter Ten. Drainage Factors
Chapter Eleven. Soil Considerations
Chapter Twelve. Calculating Land Loss From Road Costs and Green Space
Chapter Thirteen. Water Requirements
Chapter Fourteen. Flood Zones, Wetlands, and Other Deal-Stoppers
Chapter Fifteen. Location, Location, Location
Chapter Sixteen. Plans and Specifications
Chapter Seventeen. Working with Contractors
Chapter Eighteen. Projecting Profit Potential
Chapter Nineteen. Zoning Considerations
Chapter Twenty. Closing Deals
Chapter Twenty-One. Supervising Your Site
Chapter Twenty-Two. Staying on Budget and on Time
Chapter Twenty-Three. Ideas for Environmentally Friendly Developments
Chapter Twenty-Four. Going From Green Developing to Green Building
Appendix 1: Glossary of Green Words and Terms
Appendix 2: Time Saving Tips and Tables for Land Developers