Solenoid Control, Testing, and Servicing
Table of Contents

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PART I: Testing
CH 1: Testing of Solenoid Coils
CH 2: Testing of Solenoid Actuators
CH 3: Testing of Solenoid Valves
CH 4: Proportional Solenoid Actuators and Valves
CH 5: Testing of Clutches and Brakes
CH 6: Testing of Contactors and Relays
PART II: Electronic Controls
CH 7: DC/AC Voltage and Current Control
CH 8: Coil Back EMF Suppression and Contact Arc Suppression
CH 9: Peak-and-Hold Control
CH 10: Proportional Control (Linear/PWM/PhaseControl)
CH 11: Adding Feedback – Position, Force, Pressure, Flow, and Other Sensors