Sol y viento: Beginning Spanish 3 9780073385297 The Sol y viento textbook is firmly framed in communicative-oriented language teaching. Completely meaning-based and drill-free, it uses an input-to-output approach for the presentation of vocabulary and grammar. The annotated Instructor’s Edition contains detailed suggestions for carrying out activities in class as well as answers to exercises. It also offers options for expansion and follow-up. Sol y viento integrates the latest in second language acquisition research with the highest quality, Hollywood caliber feature film available for the Introductory Spanish classroom. The Sol y viento program creates a distinct and captivating cultural experience that motivates students to develop their communication skills. Created specifically for beginning language learners, Sol y viento tells the story of a Chilean family and their winery, and of a young U.S. Latino businessman who finds himself intricately involved with the family as his company tries to buy their land. Mystery, romance, and the unexplainable forces of nature all play a part in this spellbinding story, drawing students in and compelling them to want to communicate about the film and its themes.
Sol y viento: Beginning Spanish

Sol y viento: Beginning Spanish

3rd Edition
By Bill VanPatten and Michael Leeser and Gregory D. Keating
ISBN10: 0073385298
ISBN13: 9780073385297
Copyright: 2012

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Program Details

Lección preliminar ¡Aquí estamos!



School Subjects

Classroom Objects


Introduction to ser

Articles, Gender, and Number

Introduction to estar

Lección 1A Sobre los horarios


Numbers 0–30

Days of the Week

Telling Time


Regular -ar Verbs

Verb + infinitive

Unstressed Possessive Adjectives

Panorama cultural: El mundo hispano

Lección 1B Más sobre las actividades


Summary of Interrogative Words

Months, Weather, and Seasons



Present Tense of Regular -er and -ir Verbs

Ir + a + infinitive

Adjective Placement and Agreement

Panorama cultural: Chile

Lección 2A En la universidad y la ciudad


Numbers 31–100

Prepositions of Location

Places in the City


Verbs that End in -go

Two Uses of estar

e → ie, o → ue Stem-Changing Verbs

Panorama cultural: México

Lección 2B ¡Vamos de compras!



Colors; Numbers 100–1,000



e → i Stem-Changing Verbs

Demonstrative Adjectives and Pronouns

More on ser and estar

Panorama cultural: España

Lección 3A La familia


Members of the Immediate Family; Pets

Extended Family Members

Physical Traits


Saber and conocer; Verbs That End in -zco

Direct Object Pronouns

Comparisons of Equality and Inequality

Panorama cultural: Colombia

Lección 3B ¡A comer!



Lunch and Snacking

Dinner and Dessert


Indefinite and Negative Words

Ser Versus estar with Adjectives

Indirect Object Pronouns and gustar

Panorama cultural: Cuba, Puerto Rico y la República Dominicana

Lección 4A Cuando no trabajo...


Leisure Activities

Sports and Fitness

Special Occasions and Holidays


Preterite Tense of Regular -ar Verbs

Preterite of Regular -er and -ir Verbs

Irregular Preterite Forms

Panorama cultural: Los Estados Unidos

Lección 4B En casa


Dwellings and Buildings

Furniture and Rooms

Domestic Chores and Routines


e → i, o → u Preterite Stem Changes

True Reflexive Constructions

Introduction to por Versus para

Panorama cultural: Guatemala

Lección 5A La tecnología y yo


Computers and Computer Use

Electronic Devices

Typical Childhood and Adolescent Activities


Verbs like gustar

Double-Object Pronouns

Introduction to the Imperfect Tense

Panorama cultural: Bolivia y el Paraguay

Lección 5B Érase una vez...


Numbers 1,000 and Higher

Important Events and Occurrences

Personal Events, Triumphs, and Failures


Contrasting the Preterite and Imperfect

More on Using the Preterite and Imperfect Together

Summary of the Preterite and Imperfect

Panorama cultural: El Salvador, Honduras y Nicaragua

Lección 6A Vamos al extranjero


Travel Vocabulary

Giving and Receiving Directions

Dining Out


Affirmative Formal Commands

Negative Formal Commands

Introduction to the Present Perfect

Panorama cultural: El Perú

Lección 6B La naturaleza y el medio ambiente


Geography and Geographical Features

Environmental and Ecological Matters

Activities to Do While on Vacation


Affirmative Informal Commands

Negative Informal Commands


Panorama cultural: Costa Rica

Lección 7A ¿Cómo te sientes?


Describing Emotions

Parts of the Body and Physical Health

In the Doctor’s Office


Pseudo-Reflexive Verbs

Review of the Imperfect

Hacer in Expressions of Time

Panorama cultural: La Argentina y el Uruguay

Lección 7B Los demás y yo



Describing People

More on Relationships


Reciprocal Reflexives

Introduction to the Subjunctive

Obligatory Subjunctive

Panorama cultural: El Ecuador

Lección 8A El dinero y las finanzas


Your Personal Finances

More on Personal Finances

Local and World Markets


Progressive Versus Infinitives

Introduction to the Conditional

Hypothetical Statements; Introduction to the Imperfect Subjunctive

Panorama cultural: Venezuela

Lección 8B Los medios de comunicación


Getting Information

Types of Programming

Civic Duty and Citizenship


Por and para: A Summary

Subjunctive of Doubt, Denial, and Uncertainty

Subjunctive of Volition and Desire

Panorama cultural: Panamá

Lección Final Lo que nos espera



Required and Preferred Characteristics in the Workplace

Future Aspirations


Introduction to the Future Tense

Subjunctive with Indefinite and Nonexistent Antecedents

Subjunctive with Future Time Events