The Social Employee: How Great Companies Make Social Media Work
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foreword by david C. edelman vii

introduction xi

part I Weathering a Sea Change 1

Chapter 1 The New Normal—Even Change Is Changing 3

Chapter 2 The Blue Focus Marketing® Social Employee Möbius ModelTM 15

Chapter 3 Brands Under Pressure 27

Chapter 4 The Social Employee—Lines Blur Between Brands, Employees, and Customers 37

PART II How Great Companies Build Social Cultures 51

Chapter 5 IBM—Making Connections One Employee at a Time 53

Chapter 6 How Adobe Manages Social Media Using Guardrails 77

Chapter 7 How Dell Learned to SMaC-U into Social Success 97

Chapter 8 How Cisco Built a Powerful Employee Network 117

Chapter 9 How the Southwest Way Creates Competitive Advantage 135

Chapter 10 AT&T: B2B Social Networking at Its Best 155

Chapter 11 How Acxiom and Domo Are Leading the Charge 159

PART III Recalculating Your Route 171

Chapter 12 How Social Executives Drive Brand Value 173

Chapter 13 Finding Education in the Social University 191

Chapter 14 Building Communities of Shared Interest 201

Chapter 15 How Content Marketing Empowers Social Employees 213

Chapter 16 The Blue Focus Marketing 10 Commandments of Brand Soul 229

Afterword by Kevin Randall 237

Glossary 241

Notes 251

Acknowledgments 257

Index 261