Service Management: Operations, Strategy, Information Technology
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– The ninth edition continues to acknowledge and emphasize the essential uniqueness of service management.
– The text is organized in four parts:
  • Understanding Services,
  • Designing the Service Enterprise,
  • Managing Service Operations
  • Quantitative Models for Service Management

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Table of Contents

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Program Details

PART ONE Understanding Services
1 The Service Economy
2 Service Strategy
PART TWO Designing the Service Enterprise
3 New Service Development
4 The Service Encounter
5 Supporting Facility and Process Flows
6 Service Quality
7 Process Improvement
             - Supplement: Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA)
8 Service Facility Location
PART THREE Managing Service Operations
9 Service Supply Relationships
10 Globalization of Services
11 Managing Capacity and Demand
12 Managing Waiting Lines
13 Capacity Planning and Queuing Models
             - Supplement: Computer Simulation
PART FOUR Quantitative Models for Service Management
14 Forecasting Demand for Services
15 Managing Service Inventory
16 Managing Service Projects