Selling the Hug Your Customers Way: The Proven Process for Becoming a Passionate and Successful Salesperson For Life
Table of Contents

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Prologue: Everything is Selling -- Everyone Sells

Part One -- Dignity and Honor in Selling

Chapter 1: Harold Hill Never Got It

Chapter 2: Caring Can Be a Learned Skill

Part Two -- Selling the Hug Your Customers Way: Five Stages Plus One for Good Measure

Chapter 3: The First Stage: Making the Connection

Chapter 4: The Second Stage: Decoding the Mission

Chapter 5: The Third Stage: Show and Share

Chapter 6: The Fourth Stage: Allowing the Buy

Chapter 7: The Fifth Stage: The Kiss Goodbye

Chapter 8: The Extra Stage: One For Good Measure

Part Three -- Everyone Winning

Chapter 9: You Can't Sell Alone

Chapter 10: Imagine the Difference If Everyone Won...Wouldn't It Be Nice?

Epilogue: Even With Ice Pops