Schaum's Outline of Pathophysiology
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1. Pathology, Pathophysiology and the Different Types of Disease Causing Agents 2. Etiology and Epidemiology 3. Organization of Cells and Tissues 4. Stress, Trauma and Aging 5. Hereditary and Genetic Control of Cellular Function 6. Congenital Disorders 7. New Growths: Cell Division and Differentiation 8. Homeostasis of Fluid Balances 9. Stress and Responsiveness 10. Integumentary System 11. Skeletal System 12. Muscular System 13. Nervous System: 14. Endocrine System 15. Ciculatory System 16. Cardiovascular System 17. Lymphatic System and Immunity 18. Respiratory System 19. Gastrointestinal System 20. Urinary System 21. Reproduction System 22. The Diagnosis and Treatment of Disease