The Renaissance Society: How the Shift from Dream Society to the Age of Individual Control will Change the Way You Do Business 1 9780071806053 A BOLD NEW VISION FOR THE FUTURE OF BUSINESS, FROM THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF THE DREAM SOCIETY THIS IS A BOOK ABOUT THE FUTURE. Your future. Our future. The future of companies, the marketplace, and society. According to futurists Rolf Jensen and Mika Aaltonen, we are currently "between dreams." We've managed to achieve many of our material goals, only to face ever-growing global competition in an ever-slowing economy. Here's the good news: With the rise of social media and online resources, consumers are growing more powerful. Individuals are exploring more options. And smart businesses are discovering more ways to appeal to this powerful new community. Welcome to The Renaissance Society. A world-class network of ordinary people who are changing the way companies and communities interact, they are the future--and they are us. This forward- thinking book guides you through tomorrow's hottest trends to help you: Make an emotional connection to your customers Create a value-driven company that engages your employees Adjust your business strategy for a flatter, global marketplace Reward individual expression and spark a tribal spirit Identify future trends to build long-term success Jensen and Aaltonen's razor-sharp predictions offer a much-needed headsup--and a major head-start--for your future success. You'll explore revolutionary ways in which the individual's role will shift from consumer to creator--much like it did during the European Renaissance. You'll find out why learning will become the world's largest industry and how services will become the twenty-first century's biggest growth market. You'll see a powerful shift in the concept of ownership, the role of employees within a company, and the role of companies in society. Most important, you'll be able to turn these fascinating predictions into real-world opportunities for decades to come. In The Renaissance Society, everybody matters. Each and every one of us has the power to reshape the future of our companies. To reignite the passion of our communities. And to restore our faith in ourselves, our dreams, and our limitless potential for growth. PRAISE FOR THE RENAISSANCE SOCIETY "Jensen and Aaltonen have created a captivating portrait of tomorrow, one that inspires us to think of alternatives. Decision makers in all fields will find that this book provides powerful reasons to question their grasp of the present." -- Riel Miller, Foresight Director, UNESCO "Mika and Rolf inspire our thinking and action with a book based on solid theory--and their vast experience working with leading international companies. It is a valuable reference for leaders in both business and politics." -- DR. STEFAN BERGHEIM, DIRECTOR, CENTER FOR SOCIETAL PROGRESS, GERMANY "The Renaissance Society is a fascinating and highly readable guide to the future and the possibilities it holds. These are hard times for many people but this book helps to lift our sights and see the scope now emerging for a step change in human achievement." -- Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive, Royal Society of Arts PRAISE FOR ROLF JENSEN'S THE DREAM SOCIETY "Riveting." -- Library Journal "Dramatic insights." -- Atlanta Business Chronicle "Rolf Jensen is pointing the way to the future." -- Harriet Rubin, author, The Princessa: Machiavelli for Women
The Renaissance Society: How the Shift from Dream Society to the Age of Individual Control will Change the Way You Do Business

The Renaissance Society: How the Shift from Dream Society to the Age of Individual Control will Change the Way You Do Business

1st Edition
By Rolf Jensen and Mika Aaltonen
ISBN10: 0071806059
ISBN13: 9780071806053
Copyright: 2013

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ISBN10: 0071806059 | ISBN13: 9780071806053



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Preface ix
The Reader’s Manual xiii
Introduction: Setting the Scene xv
The 12 ideas to launch your next dream. The Extended Now The West Is Between Dreams The Third Industrial Revolution The 2018 Recession The Flat Society The Twenty-First-Century Growth Industries Mental Illnesses The Store as Theater The New Middle Class A Whole New World in Marketing Measure Happiness, Not GDP Re-create Nature
1 The Material World 1
How rich are we now, and how rich will we be in the 2040s? How Rich Are We Now? How Rich Will We Be in the 2040s, Based on Past Growth Patterns? The Big Nations in the Global Economy Boom and Doom: The Eternal Cycle The Multipolar World of Economic Growth—The Meaning of Globalization Growth Happens in Cities Textiles, Cars, and Electronics—Industries on the Move The New Global Middle Class—The 2 Billion People Market Opportunity Cybersecurity
2 The Values of Nations: “How Are We?” 27
Cultural differences in values, and the changes that are likely to take place. A Sprint Through History and into the Future of Global Values Happiness and Satisfaction with Life The Not-for-Profit Company of the Future The Flat Society—When Hierarchies Flatten New Technology as the Equalizer: The Flat Marketplace The Company Level A Look Inside Our Brain Emotional Market Segmentation Postmaterialistic Consumers The Spiritual Supermarket From Dark to Light The Happiness Market: The Rise and Fall of GDP
3 How We Will Produce and How We Will Consume 65
Trends in the way we produce and consume now and will in the future. How We Will Produce and Consume—The Relationship The Self-Organizing Society The Us-Me Industry The “Handmade” Industry Is Growing The Under-the-Radar Market The E-Commerce Revolution The Shop as Theater The Shop as Factory The One-Person Factory The Augmented Marketplace If the Question Is Marketing, the Answer Is Fan Management
4 How Will We Learn? 93
Learning may become the world’s largest industry. The Limits of Our Knowledge Being Wrong Contaminated Truth Deep AQ Out of the Institutions Open-Source Science The New Nomads The End of the Isolated Mind Mind Enhancement
5 Thinking About Systems 119
The globe as one interconnected system. A System of Systems The Planes of Influence Planetary Boundaries New Economics Small State, Big Society Economics of Bits Milliseconds Matter
6 The Leadership Dilemmas 143
Leadership is about dilemmas, not just about right and wrong. The Loyalty Dilemma The Hierarchy Dilemma The Value Dilemma The Sense-Making Dilemma The Globalization Dilemma The Openness Dilemma The Social Organization Dilemma The Perfect Leader
7 The Authors’ Conclusion 163
The authors present their personal interpretation of the many trends leading us into the future. Eastern Dreams Western Dreams The West Between Dreams The East and the West in Globalization The United States and China: The Different Value Patterns The Values of the Future The Big Five Challenges for the West The Big Five Challenges for the East Three Examples from the Future Change Driven by Consumers Is the West Heading Toward a Real Revolution? The Exciting Future
References 181
Index 187

About the Author

Rolf Jensen

Mika Aaltonen