Red Thread Thinking: Weaving Together Connections for Brilliant Ideas and Profitable Innovation
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Prologue: Red Thread Thinking
Introduction: Innovation is Not Just a Good Idea

Red Thread One: Innovation – It’s All in Your Head
Chapter 1: A Significant Change of Mind
Chapter 2: Stop Brainstorming, Take a Shower

Red Thread Two: Everything Old Is New
Chapter 3: Get Clued In on the Real Story
Chapter 4: Stop Crying over Spilt Milk Because the Glass is Still Half Full
Chapter 5: They Made It, We Borrow It

Red Thread Three: Consumers – The Strangest Animals at the Zoo
Chapter 6: We Think, Therefore We Innovate
Chapter 7: The Footprint of Behavior and How to Find It
Chapter 8: Emotional Memory – The Culture Tattoo

Red Thread Four: What You See Is What You Get
Chapter 9: Simple is Smarter and Always Will Be
Chapter 10: Good Things Come in Great Packages
Chapter 11: Draw Me a Story

Red Thread Five: The Force of Passion
Chapter 12: The Force of Passion

Epilogue: Where Innovators Can Take Capitalism