The Real Value of Training: Measuring and Analyzing Business Outcomes and the Quality of ROI 1 9780071759977 GET THE TOOLS AND KNOW-HOW THAT MAKE ROI MORE THAN JUST A NUMBER "Ron does such a great job answering the question that has baffl ed many learning professionals for years: How do we measure and demonstrate the value of training. Applying his methodology of ROI is inspiring in that the exercise helps to translate training activities into improved performance and, ultimately, tangible business outcomes, rather than mere calculation of numbers." — JUDY FENG, Director, Talent Management, Baxter Asia Pacific "Those who have criticized ROI will be pleased with Stone’s ROI Quality Analysis (RQA). HR directors and training managers will benefit from implementing this credible technique, and Stone's 'secret sauce ingredients' allow instructional designers to serve up a five-star training program." — STEPHANIE MOOSHEGIAN, Ph.D., Chair, Saint Louis University's Organizational Studies Program "Loaded with robust and practical methodologies, templates, and proven tools, The Real Value of Training masterfully demystifies ROI. As a seasoned learning and development practitioner, I can now add a valuable ROI approach that when used with both tangible and intangible results tells a powerful story of how signifi cant learning events contribute to positive business outcomes. Great book!" — MERIBETH GERMINO, Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy, Biopharmaceutical Industry Leadership Development Executive "The uniqueness of this book is that it will benefit any leader who wants to transform the organization through training solutions totally focused on alignment with performance through integrating training with individual development and business goals." — VIDYADHAR S. DABHOLKAR, Head of Human Resource Development, HILTI Manufacturing India Pvt. Ltd. The financial crisis and ensuing recession permanently changed how business is conducted. Executives and other decision makers, pressured to accomplish higher goals with lower budgets, are demanding greater levels of accountability from their people. And when it comes to investing in business processes, they want quantifiable proof that any new initiative will contribute to solving problems, serving customers, and improving the business. The Real Value of Training gives you the tools not only to prove that your program will deliver solutions; it goes one step further, so you can explain exactly how much it will deliver. Presented by training ROI expert Ron Stone, The Real Value of Training offers an 11-step process for qualitatively and quantitatively measuring the value of training. Stone's methodology brings ROI to a new level of scrutiny and credibility by helping you successfully: Collect critical performance data Analyze results and adjust for causal influence and sustained impact Assign a monetary value to business-outcome data Calculate the fully loaded cost of the solution design Calculate the ROI and its level of quality Predict and quantify performance improvement Using Stone's groundbreaking methods, you will create a training program that is powerful but flexible enough to refocus at a moment's notice, so it remains aligned with the organization’s interests, no matter what happens—whether it's another economic meltdown or a shift in business strategy. Take your training ROI to a new level of credibility! With The Real Value of Training, you have everything you need to verify that your training solution is directly aligned with business strategy and to determine and communicate its ultimate value to the organization.
The Real Value of Training: Measuring and Analyzing Business Outcomes and the Quality of ROI

The Real Value of Training: Measuring and Analyzing Business Outcomes and the Quality of ROI

1st Edition
By Ron Stone
ISBN10: 0071759972
ISBN13: 9780071759977
Copyright: 2011

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ISBN10: 0071759972 | ISBN13: 9780071759977



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Introduction; Chapter 1: Talking About Performance Results; Chapter 2: Stone's Measurement and ROI process - A View from Above; Chapter 3: Beginning on the Right Foot - Partners in Performance and Measurement; Chapter 4: Create a Successful Data Collection Strategy; Chapter 5: Collect Relevant Performance Data; Chapter 6: Analyze and Adjust Results for Casual Influence; Chapter 7: Analyze and Adjust Results for Sustained Impace; Chapter 8: Go/No Go - Assign a Monetary Value to Business Outcome Data; Chapter 9: Calculate the Fully Loaded Cost of the Solution Design; Chapter 10 Calculating the Return on Investment and Assessing the Quality of ROI; Chapter 11 Measuring the Contribution of Solutions - Alternatives to ROI; Chapter 12 Communicating Results; Chapter 13 Opportunity Forecasting - Predicting Performance Improvement and ROI; Appendix

About the Author

Ron Stone

Co-author Ron Stone is Vice President and Chief Consulting Officer of Performance Resources Organization, and consults directly on evaluation projects with a broad range of international clients. Stone also conducts public and in-house workshops on the ROI Process.