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Table of Contents

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Program Details

Part 1: Managing Quality

Chapter 1: Quality Throughout History

Chapter 2: The Development of Quality Management

Chapter 3: Defining Quality

Chapter 4: Quality for the Customer

Part 2: Quality Essentials

Chapter 5: Key Quality Concepts

Chapter 6: Defining, Planning for, Controlling, Assuring, and Delivering Quality

Chapter 7: Leading a Quality Team

Chapter 8: Quality Engineering

Chapter 9: Auditing Quality

Chapter 10: Statistics for Quality

Part Three: Quality Movements

Chapter 11: Total Quality Management

Chapter 12: Quality Standards -- ISO 9000 and More

Chapter 13: Six Sigma

Chapter 14: The Cost of Quality

Chapter 15: The Capability for Quality: CMM and CMMI

Chapter 16: Steady Improvement in Japan: Gemba Kaizen for Lean (JIT) Manufacturing

Part Four: Practical Quality Management

Chapter 17: Challenges and Leadership

Chapter 18: Practical Quality for Projects and Programs

Chapter 19: Global Quality in the 21st Century

Final Exam

Answers to Quiz, Mid-Term Exam, and Final Exam Questions

List of Acronyms and Glossary

Resources for Learning