Principles of Macroeconomics, A Streamlined Approach
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Table of Contents

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Program Details

Please note…the chapter numbering is not sequential intentionally. We mimic the chapter numbering as well as page numbers from the Principles of Economics, A Streamlined Approach, 3/e, here for continuity.

PART 1 Introduction
1 - Thinking Like an Economist
2 - Supply and Demand

PART 6 Macroeconomics: Issues and Data
12 - Macroeconomics: The Bird’s-Eye View of the Economy
13 - Measuring Economic Activity: GDP, Unemployment, and Inflation

PART 7 The Economy in the Long Run
14 - Economic Growth, Productivity, and Living Standards
15 - The Labor Market: Workers, Wages, and Unemployment
16 - Saving and Capital Formation
17 - Money, the Federal Reserve, and Global Financial Markets 

PART 8 The Economy in the Short Run
18 - Short-Term Economic Fluctuations and Fiscal Policy
19 - Stabilizing the Economy: The Role of the Fed
20 - Inflation and Aggregate Supply

PART 9 The International Economy
21 - Exchange Rates and the Open Economy

PART 5 International Trade
11 - International Trade and Trade Policy