Principles of Macroeconomics

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Part 1: Introduction
Chapter 1: Thinking Like an Economist
Chapter 2: Comparative Advantage
Chapter 3: Supply and Demand

Part 2: Macroeconomics: Data and Issues
Chapter 4: Macroeconomics: The Bird's-Eye View of the Economy
Chapter 5: Measuring Economic Activity: GDP and Unemployment
Chapter 6: Measuring the Price Level and Inflation

Part 3: The Economy in the Long Run
Chapter 7: Economic Growth, Productivity, and Living Standards
Chapter 8: Workers, Wages, and Unemployment
Chapter 9: Saving and Capital Formation
Chapter 10: Money, Prices, and the Federal Reserve
Chapter 11: Financial Markets and International Capital Flows

Part 4: The Economy in the Short Run
Chapter 12: Short-Term Economics Fluctuations: An Introduction
Chapter 13: Spending and Output in the Short Run
Chapter 14: Stabilizing the Economy: The Role of the Fed
Chapter 15: Aggregate Demand, Aggregate Supply, and Inflation

Part 5: The International Economy
Chapter 16: International Trade and Trade Policy
Chapter 17: Exchange Rates and the Open Economy