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Table of Contents

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Ch. 1 Overview
Ch. 2. The IEEE State Machine
Ch. 3. IEEE Detection, Legacy Detection, and Interoperability Studies
Ch. 4. Classification and Inoperability Studies
Ch. 5 Power-Up Scenarios
Ch. 6. Overload Behavior and Over Temperature Protection
Ch. 7. Requirement and Architecture of Powered Devices
Ch. 8. Switching Power Conversion Topologies and techniques in PoE
Ch. 9. Meeting Surge and Cable ESD Requirements
Ch. 10. Meeting IEC Safety Approvals and Limited Power Supply (LPS) Requirements
Ch. 11. Clearance, Creepage, PCB, and Thermal Design
Ch. 12. Passing Sifos and UNH Testing
Ch. 13. PoE Software Architecture and Power Management
Ch. 14. Practical PoE Troubleshooting and Case Studies
Ch. 15. UPoE (60W), Single-Pair, and Four-Pair PoE