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Table of Contents

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Part I The Idea of Politics

CHAPTER 1 Politics: Setting the Stage CHAPTER 2 Modern Ideologies and Political Philosophy

Part II The State and Public Policy

CHAPTER 3 The Modern State CHAPTER 4 Policies of the State CHAPTER 5 Economic Policy of the State CHAPTER 6 What Lies Behind Policy: Questions of Justice and Effectiveness

Part III The Citi zen and the Regime

CHAPTER 7 Democracies and Authoritarian Systems CHAPTER 8 Political Culture and Political Socialization

Part IV The Apparatus of Governance

CHAPTER 9 Constitutions and the Design of Government CHAPTER 10 Elections CHAPTER 11 Parties: A Linking and Leading Mechanism in Politics CHAPTER 12 Structured Conflict: Interest Groups and Politics CHAPTER 13 Social Movements and Contentious Politics CHAPTER 14 National Decision-Making Institutions: Parliamentary Government CHAPTER 15 National Decision-Making Institutions: Presidential Government CHAPTER 16 Bureaucracy and the Public Sector CHAPTER 17 Law and the Courts

Part V International Politics

CHAPTER 18 Global Politics: Politics among States (and Others) APPENDIX Principles of Political Analysis