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Politics Among Nations

Politics Among Nations

7th Edition
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FOREWARD: On the Continuing Relevance of Politics Among Nations PART ONE: Theory and Practice of International Politics
1 A Realist Theory of International Politics
2 The Science of International Politics
PART TWO: International Politics as a Struggle for Power
3 Political Power
4 The Struggle for Power: Policy of the Status Quo
5 The Struggle for Power: Imperialism
6 The Struggle for Power: Policy of Prestige
7 The Ideological Element in International Policies
PART THREE: National Power
8 The Essence of National Power
9 Elements of National Power
10 Evaluation of National Power
PART FOUR: Limitations of National Power: The Balance of Power
11 The Balance of Power
12 Different Methods of the Balance of Power
13 The Structure of the Balance of Power
14 Evaluation of the Balance of Power
PART FIVE: Limitations of National Power: International Morality and World Public Opinion
15 Morality, Mores, and Law as Restraints on Power
16 International Morality
17 World Public Opinion
PART SIX: Limitations of National Power: International Law
18 The Main Problems of International Law
19 Sovereignty
PART SEVEN: International Politics in the Contemporary World
20 The New Moral Force of Nationalistic Universalism
21 The New Balance of Power
22 Total War
PART EIGHT: The Problem of Peace: Peace Through Limitation
23 Disarmament
24 Security
25 Judicial Settlement
26 Peaceful Change
27 International Government
28 International Government: The United Nations
PART NINE: The Problem of Peace: Peace Through Transformation
29 The World State
30 The World Community
PART TEN: The Problem of Peace: Peace Through Accommodation
31 Diplomacy
32 The Future of Diplomacy
Appendix A: Updating Realism for the 21st Century
* Admiral William J. Crowe, Jr.: "An Iraq Retrospect."
* General Brent Scowcroft: "New Departures in the Philosophies of International Politics."
* Ambassador David Newsom: "Did the U.S. Win the Cold War?"
* John J. Mearsheimer, U of Chicago: "The False Promise of International Institutions."
* J. Samuel Barkin, U of Florida: "Realist Constructivism."
* Richard Little, "The English School vs. American Realism: a meeting of the minds or divided by a common language?"
* Ashley Tellis, "Political Realism: The Long March to Scientific Theory."
Appendix B: Charter of the United Nations